"Finally! End Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout By Following This Simple Plan to Soothe and Care For Your Body, Mind, and Spirit"


When Was The Last Time You Gave Yourself a Break?


On the other hand, when was the last time you cut yourself some slack and gave yourself a break? When was the last time you sat down and really indulged yourself for 20 minutes, without feeling guilty about it?


This is partly the result of society. We are so driven and so determined, so brainwashed into being constantly productive and efficient, that we punish ourselves for our human failings and weaknesses.

We have forgotten how to be kind to ourselves. This is why the time is right for the #self-scare movement. This is why people are starting to take bubble baths, to practice mindfulness, to go for long nature walks, and to keep bullet journals.


All these activities have one thing in common: they involve looking after ourselves. They involve pampering ourselves and spoiling ourselves. And they involve learning to be kinder to ourselves and to give ourselves a break.


When you do that, suddenly you will find that life regains its color and that you finally have some energy and enthusiasm again! You find that you have things to look forward to again, and you learn that you actually like yourself again.


Far from making you less productive or complacent, this is actually the key to becoming far MORE effective and efficient.


But where do you begin? This guide goes through how you can start loving yourself more, being more kinder to yourself, and rejuvenate yourself inside-out. 



      • How to use loving-kindness meditation
      • How to use CBT to forget worries and silence your inner critic
      • How to use ‘positive self-talk’ to reaffirm your worth
      • Why you should take time out to pamper and groom yourself
      • How to overcome stress and anxiety
      • How to be kinder to yourself
      • How to practice gratitude to bring you into the present moment and help you to feel better
      • You’ll regain your healthy glow and the spring in your step
      • How to overcome social anxiety. Become socially bulletproof using these techniques
      • How to change your environment. Looking after your health will help you feel better but what about the current environment around you?
      • + much, much more!

      Happiness Through Self Care

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