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Puresome was founded by Rahila Ali, an auto-immune conqueror who was given two years to live over ten years ago for a rare auto-immune disease. She refused to accept the verdict, challenged the status quo, and against all odds healed herself with lifestyle changes and nutrition. Her formidable and touching story from death bed back to healthiness and well-being is the driving force behind Puresome and its mission to help bring awareness to the world. The Puresome lifestyle and product line is a culmination of all the discoveries made on Rahila’s journey.


We are passionate about improving quality of life - there is nothing that we sell that we don’t use and consume ourselves, every day. Since the company’s inception, we have grown multiple folds with passionate team members spread across three continents.


We believe physical and mental wellbeing is the foundation of vibrant lives, thriving communities, and forward progress. That is why we have aimed to help people improve their wellness at every age and every stage of life. The team at Puresome has been working closely with industry experts, scientists and our valued customers to launch products that improve wellbeing, keeping away from anything that might be harmful to the human body, mind and the environment.


We are grateful and extremely thankful to our loyal customers who have helped us continuously grow and expand our product line year over year!