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We are what we eat, absorb, and digest.


When we give our body the right nourishment, it performs at an optimum level - more energy, glowing skin, less susceptible to illness, and so much more.


Today’s era does not offer what nature intended us to have and consume. We cannot escape toxic chemicals; the best we can do is limit our exposure by choosing clean, nutritious products from premium ingredients.


At Puresome, we marry human intellect and nature, along with the ancients’ wisdom. Every Puresome product is formulated to nourish your body and improve the quality of your life.

Our Story


Puresome was founded by Rahila Ali, an Auto-immune Conqueror whose powerful and inspiring story of recovery from death bed to vibrant health has impacted millions of people worldwide. She refused to accept the verdict, challenged the status quo, and against all odds, healed herself with lifestyle changes and nutrition. Her challenging and touching journey is the driving force behind Puresome and its mission to help bring awareness about our amazing human body and mind’s healing powers. The Puresome lifestyle and product line is a culmination of this philosophy.


At Puresome, we believe physical and mental wellbeing is the foundation of vibrant lives, thriving communities, and forward progress. That is why we have aimed to help people improve their wellness at every age and every stage of life. The team at Puresome has been working closely with industry experts and scientists to launch products that enhance wellbeing and keeping away from anything that might be harmful to the human body, mind, and environment.

Our Team

Rahila Ali

Founder / CEO of Puresome

Rahila Ali is the CEO and Founder of the Puresome group of companies and a Certified Holistic and Wellness Coach. She started her career as a fashion designer and model, which then turned into a life coach and raw nutritionist after being diagnosed with a life- threatening and supposedly untreatable auto-immune disorder.

She is an astute Business Executive and actively drives all product innovation and formulation.


She has over ten years of experience in integrative life and wellness coaching for corporate and individual clients. Her passion and mission are to spread the message of hope and awareness; that our bodies can heal anything, given the right nutrition, emotional well-being, and detox routines.


Rahila is also a fantastic artist. In her free time, she paints wall-size art and creates EMF canceling artwork.

Dean Afzal Head Shot .png

Dean Afzal

President of Puresome Group

Dean is a seasoned executive with over twenty years of experience across marketing, strategy, and product working in B2B and B2C enterprise software, startups, consumer products, and financial services industries. Hands-on experience includes startup-to- acquisition, GTM strategy and execution, revenue marketing, sales, and management of globally distributed teams.

Dean has held various senior leadership positions across high tech, including SVP of Strategy at BenchPrep, Chief Marketing Officer at Enablon, Global Head of B2B Industry Marketing at SAP, Principal Consultant at SGK, and Senior Manager at multiple technology startups that produced multimillion-dollar acquisitions, including Gaikai (acquired for $380M by Sony.

He graduated with honors in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Management, and Marketing from DePaul university and Formal Christian College. He was the president of the debating society in college and was awarded the Presidential Scholarship (Aizaz-e- Sabqat) for the best student of 1996.

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